Key Features

Visitor Management

  • Entry for each visitor: the visitor entry maintains detail of all, who visit to the society for any work in the apartments, etc
  • Maintain listing for the visitors: Once entered the record is maintained forever & listing can be viewed at any point of time
  • Upload photo for each visitor: the photo can be directly clicked from device & attached to the details
  • In time and out time: the time of entry in the society & exit time are properly maintained, in case of any information required, register are not to be searched & get all info at just a click
  • Vehicle details of the visitor: the vehicle that the visitor used to come can be maintained for any future reference

Staff Management

  • Staff name and details: complete details of the staff along with his residential address are maintained
  • Photograph for each staff: Photograph of the staff can be attached with the information
  • Identification documents: Scan copies of any documents of identification can be attached with information of the staff like ID proofs, address proofs, etc
  • Reference (if any) through which he/she joined: in case the staff has been brought by some reference, the name of the person introducing him/her can also be associated in the listing
  • Keep staff attendance properly scheduled: the daily attendance of staff can be maintained & it also makes it easy to count his leaves, etc.

Maintenance management

  • All kinds of bills required: Bills related to any kind of services provided to the residents, maintenance, power back up, water etc can be raised using the software
  • Mailing of bills for maintenance: the bills can be send to the residents at a click
  • Online payment integration for easy payment: the payment can be made by the residents by online method and transferred easily
  • Dates for servicing of lifts, Gensets, etc: any Service due for any device/equipment available in the complex can be maintained
  • Get reminders for any maintenance due: with timely reminders, any service due can be easily completed on time, No missing on dates

Flat Management

  • Maintain tower wise flat master: details on all flats in a particular tower and block
  • Details of owner for the flat: Keep all data of the owner for each flat and maintain the listing for it. This will help in one click info of all flats
  • Staff associated with that flat: Association of all staff allotted to a particular flat can be maintained in the software
  • If rented, maintain tenant details: Complete details of the tenant residing in the flat, with no. of members in the family, vehicle owned can be maintained
  • All documents related to flats: Any kind of docs like lease papers, owner details, rent agreements, etc that are related to flat can be kept as scanned docs for access from anywhere any time
  • Services being used by the flat: All kind of services used by flats like Water, Power, Gym, etc can be listed so that all info is available in one single place

Facility Management

  • Track of all staff provided with Co.: The details of all staff and their vendor company in case hired from a third party company
  • Track of space availability for functions: Facility management in terms of knowing availability of spaces like halls, gyms, recreational facilities etc

Parking Management

  • Vehicles owned by each flat resident: Database of all vehicles that are owned by the residents is available in on need to know basis
  • Keep detailing for all Visitor vehicles: Any visitor to the complex also require mentioning details of vehicles they have travelled with

Notice Board

  • Notices can be uploaded on the common space: Any common information to be distributed between the Society complex cab be flashed to all
  • Can be for Events, Functions, Common issues, etc: the information can be shared for any common thing like Puja celebration, opening of new facilities, etc


  • Get push messages displayed on app: The notifications can be generated when there are any visitors on the gate, maid entry, staff, etc
  • Generation of Maintenance Bills, event notifications etc: These notifications will also flash whenever any bills are generated for that flat

Vendor Management

  • Keep record for each vendor: There are no. of vendors who provide various services to the society & its residents, so all vendor details can be maintained
  • Maintain the type of business they are into: The system gives an idea on the services provided by each vendor and their rates for the same, so you can compare and chose the best one
  • Details of contact person for them: Once decided, contact details can be directly extracted from the app thus reducing time for contacting at the gate and getting details, etc
  • Documents related to that vendor: The security is the foremost and for that the vendors should be trusted one. The vendor documents can be verified and kept for reference whenever required
  • Upload photo for products offered by them: The photos of their product offerings can also be attached with their profile for more clear decision making


  • Voucher Entry: Maintain each voucher entry for all tasks being done related to incoming or outgoing of funds
  • Maintain Ledger & Sub Ledger: For exact calculations and estimates all ledgers and sub ledgers can be kept up to date
  • Generate all bills: Any bill be it for external vendors or internal residents can be generated at just a click and all entries can be maintained automatically
  • Balance sheet preparation: All accounts need to be closed with matching balance sheet, and as the entries are timely maintained for input/output, it is easy to create a perfect balance sheet
  • All payments/receipts can be mapped: the payments received against bills, etc can be mapped with the entries to match the accounts as per the funds being transferred


  • Item master database management: Manage the details on no. of items required in day to day activities within the society like chairs, utensils in the facilities available, etc.
  • Keep track on all items available in stock: the items count helps to know the availability n one can replenish it as they are to finish
  • Updation on inventory allotted to the staff: Entry can be done on allotting any inventory which helps to know where it is being used for
  • Get inventory ordered as and when required: Whenever there will be less stock than desired, you can re-order the inventory so that there is always a stock available
  • Maintain stock ledger: The ledger helps in knowing monthly expense required to maintain that level of inventory thus help in financial planning also