apartment management software


  • Lack of tracking system for unauthorised entry in the society: Lack proof of visitor identity, no photograph & id of the visitors

  • Security of elderly & children: Security & children & elderly persons is a big issue as the entry and exit of all persons is not always monitored

  • Complaint from residents: firstly, complaints are not always recorded and due to this many complaints are verbal and thus are delayed in response

  • Lack of Accountability of documents: the documents not managed in a centralised place, there is mismatch whenever the members of managing committee get changed

  • Less Transparency in operations in the society: Due to lack of proper system, the flow of information is not in time

  • Wastage of resources (time, efforts, and money): As there is no efficient tracking of inventory, so the required inventory is not properly maintained

  • Follow up residents for Bills payment every time: Manual bills get lost a lot of time due to which the residents are unable to pay them on time

  • Manual listing of contacts, owners , vendors, etc.: for every info one has to contact the committee as there is no centralised address book

  • Communication gap among residents & managing committee: Due to no proper transparent system, people are not able to communicate with managing committee


  • The entry of unauthorised persons can be controlled by using a system where the visitors are properly managed with their photographs & vehicle details. Also they are counted for, when they enter & exit the premises
  • There might be lot of people visiting in a day and a proper system helps in reducing the no. of unaccounted visits of unwanted persons, as they are also aware that there are checks at the gate of the society
  • With a proper system in place residents can register their complaints online with least efforts, and also know the status for it, i.e., whether action is took or not
  • With a centralised repository this challenge can be resolved. If all documents are maintained in e-format at a centralised place, the change in persons, or staff will have no effect on it and it will be accessible to only authorised persons on real time basis
  • The chances of manipulation of any kind of information get reduced with a technology based solution in place. Anyone messing up in the system can be recognised easily
  • Once proper inventory is maintained, benefit can be attained in terms of material as well as monetary terms. On time availability of material will be there, and no money will be blocked due to large inventory
  • When residents have a bill notifications when its due and reminders on it, the bill realization will be on time, thus creating proper flow of funds from all sources
  • Once a address book is maintained that has all contacts for the residents and important emergency contacts, it provides all help at just a click

  • The regular news flow between all, timely updation of any changes in the functioning committee, etc when intimated on time help gain more faith in the residents